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Whether you're looking for branded content that engages and informs or marketing copy that converts... I've got you covered. With experience writing copy and campaign messaging for some of the world's most iconic brands, I can put a fresh spin on your marketing.

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Looking for engaging, SEO-optimized content for your business website? I’ll tackle your blog posts, articles, landing pages, and more — ensuring that new pages stay on-brand and consistent with your website’s tone and style.

Or maybe you need copywriting for your e-mail campaigns, social posts,  or sales materials. I’ll craft those messages for you as a writer powered by years of marketing experience.

Let me help you with:

  • Website and blog content

  • E-mail campaigns

  • Social media posts

  • Ad copy

  • Sales materials

  • ​Product and packaging copy

Content and Communications: Services
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Here's an overview of my creative process and how we'd work together.

Content and Communications: Schedule


This initial discussion is a meet-and-greet where we'll discuss the scope of your project as well as your vision, budget, goals, and timing. Following the call, I'll send over a proposal for you to review. Once a Statement of Work is signed, we're in business!


In this 60-minute meeting, we'll review and populate a creative brief template. This document will outline the project specifications, the target audience, and key messaging priorities, serving as a roadmap for the project.


To gain an in-depth understanding of your business, I'll review your websites, social channels, product reviews, and any other material you provide. I'll also conduct a similar review of your top 3 competitors to understand how our messaging will compare to theirs.


Guided by the creative brief as well as the research I've done, I'll organize my thoughts and put together: 1) A Copy Reference Guide, and 2) A Written Outline. The Copy Reference Guide is a one-pager that contains key messages that form the foundation for your brand copy. The Written Outline will present an organizational structure for the piece that will be created. Both items will be presented to you for sign-off.


Working from the Copy Reference Guide and the Written Outline, I'll craft the copy for your project. After reviewing my first pass, you can markup the document with edits, or request a meeting to discuss your feedback "live" if you prefer. I'll then deliver the second pass of the project which will incorporate your feedback. The third pass of the project should serve as the final version, with only minor corrections to be made.


After receiving sign-off on the project, I'll provide you with a final clean copy of the piece. The content will be yours to publish, post, or print to your heart's desire. At this point, the project is complete, but our communication doesn't have to end! After the piece has gone live, I'd love to receive any information about how it performs and collect any insights that would be useful for creating your future content pieces.

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