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5 Easy Video Ideas for Social Media

Audiences are Demanding More Video

The growing popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels is a clear indicator that video content is what audiences are looking for on social. In fact, as of 2022, an average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online video!

Not only are "moving pictures" more engaging than still images, video is what many platforms' algorithms prioritize when serving content to people's feeds. Video is also twice as likely to be shared vs. any other content type on social. It's clear that to increase your reach and engagement on social, posting video is crucial.

5 Easy Video Ideas for Social Media Content

  1. Behind the Scenes

  2. Before and After Transformation

  3. How-To Videos

  4. Reviews and Testimonials

  5. Photos Timed to Trending Audio

1. Behind the Scenes Video

Show off your studio, workshop, office space, or other working environment. Incorporate "day in the life" footage, such as your team prepping for a big event, putting together a large order for a customer, or gathering materials for a photo shoot. You can also share fun behind the scenes facts about yourself or others on your team. By giving audiences a peak into where the magic happens, you're establishing trust and familiarity with your brand.

2. Before and After Transformation Video

For physical products, you can do a "making of" video, showing how you transform raw materials into a finished product. You can use an editing program to alter the speed of your video, or you can take still photos of various stages of production and time them to a fun audio track to create your video. If you have a service-based product, you can use video to highlight a case study showing how your product helped a customer or solved their problem.

3. How-To Videos

This is your opportunity to share industry knowledge and helpful tips with your audience. How-To videos give people a reason to follow you on social media, provide real value to prospective customers, and establish you as an expert in your field. Since shorter videos perform best on social, focus on sharing a single important takeaway instead of overwhelming your audience with too much information at once.

4. Reviews and Testimonials in Video Format

Make your five-star reviews work harder for you by sharing them on your social channels! For reviews posted on Google or other websites, take a screenshot of the review and then place that image over an animated or video background. You'll get movement and visual interest in the background, while allowing people to focus on reading the text of your review in the static image.

5. Photos Timed to Trending Audio

Even though everyone's talking about video these days, it doesn't mean that still images are unusable. Striking imagery will always grab people's attention--you just need to showcase the images in a dynamic way. Choose a collection of stills and edit them together into video, cutting from one image to the next at key points to match your chosen audio track. Don't forget to use text overlays to give context to what the viewer is watching.

Lights, Camera, Action!

While the thought of being on camera may seem daunting, the key thing to remember is to remain true to yourself and your brand's identity. As shown by the ideas listed above, you don't have to lip sync or dance to the latest trending audio to be successful on video. There are SO many ways to make video content work for your business. And, while editing and posting video does take more effort than posting still images, it's ultimately more rewarding to post content that has the best chance of being seen (attracting reach) and enjoyed (fostering engagement).

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01 maj 2023

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